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When the Library opened in the 1940's, Philipsburg had a place to borrow books.  The Library no longer offers just books-on-the-shelf.  You can download free books and audiobooks from your easy chair.  The Partners Sharing Group allows you to find almost anything.  The Library is a place to meet friends, do homework, use a computer or printer, use wireless or participate in one of its many programs.  We are a community hub!


Frequently Asked Questions

Who runs the Library?

The Library is managed by our friendly staff:

  • Gina Vale, Librarian

  • Leslie Casey, Assistant Librarian

The Library is governed by the Town of Philipsburg and our Board of Directors:

  • Dustin Muhly, President

  • Linda Ransford, Secretary

  • Deb Peters, Director

  • Kristen Vicedomini, Director

  • Barbara Cahill, Director

Library Board Meetings are held monthly and are open to the public.

The Library is supported by The Friends of the Philipsburg Library:

What is changing at the Library?

Our Library is one of the smallest in Montana.  The Library has outgrown its space, forcing more than 90% of its programs to be held in alternative locations.  In the past two years our usage has more than doubled and continues to grow.  With the help of donations, the Library recently purchased the building at 106 West Broadway- previously Broadway Trading. The goal is to not only provide a safe, clean, warm, technologically-equipped space for the Library programs, but a flexible space for community use. 
The Library will be applying for grants to help furnish the new space and provide more programs. 
In February 2018, Philipsburg-area voters elected to expand the library district and fund the library's operations with a mill levy.  This will create a more stable operating budget for the library, starting in 2020.

What are the Library's guiding principles?


Connecting the Philipsburg community with resources that enrich, enlighten and entertain.


The Vision of the Philipsburg Public Library is to be deeply rooted in the community by:

  • Providing a doorway to the world through lifelong learning activities

  • Fostering literacy by creating opportunities to participate, connect, and discover

  • Facilitating partnerships

  • Making the most effective use of taxpayer funding

New library update

This is an update on where we are at with the new building and the moving process. Thanks to all of you that were able to help get the sale ready, work at the sale, and move items and furniture after the sale. Your time is greatly appreciated! The sale of the merchandise brought in just over $16,000. WOW! The left over items were donated to the school for Operation Santa Claus and the children’s Christmas sale.

Librarian Gina Vale traveled to 6 libraries to get ideas for our new space. She came back with great concepts. The board has given her and her staff the task of deciding the layout and the furnishings necessary for running the library. Naturally they know how to best meet the needs of our patrons. We decided to go with a furniture line that is built at the Deer Lodge Prison. We have also ordered other necessary items such as folding chairs on roller cart, mobile book holder for kids’ area, kid’s rug, step stools, 20 hard wood sturdy chairs similar to what we have, etc.  We are working on a wish list too. We will purchase items from this list as we get donations. We have received $3,500 in donations just this week!

We have created a work list of things that need to be done prior to moving in to the new space in mid-January. In order to keep people’s enthusiasm and support high, a couple of events are being hosted in the new facility. December 9th is a First Aide Class for Mental Health. On Yule Night, Chamber Bingo will be in the library space. These events will give us exposure to the public while allowing us time to follow the steps necessary for our transition. We hope to get the town to come out for a one day move. Possibly a "book brigade" type situation for moving the books in boxes down the street and larger items by truck.  

Hope this helps keep you all informed of our needs and progress! The painting will be done in early December by a local contractor. Once that is completed, we will be sending out emails for works days to accomplish certain tasks. There will also be jobs that you can volunteer for that can be done on your own time frame. If you want to be involved, email friendspburglibrary@gmail.com.

Thank you for your support in this exciting process!




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